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As a thank you for using our service we have published this free Carpet stain spotting guide for you to keep as a reference for when disaster strikes! To help you in "Do it yourself" situations we have prescribed basic household items that will help you.

This spotting guide has been provide free of charge from SCS. However we cannot take responsibility for the advice enclosed or its misuse. Contact SCS for professional service.

The basic household stain spotting kit should be composed of:

1. Clean white towels (cloth or paper)
2. Warm Water (not hot)                                     
3. Mild dishwashing detergent (fairy)                 
4. Non-staining object  (glass or ceramic)
5. Blunt object like a spoon.    
6. Distilled white vinegar (sold in supermarkets not the one for fish & chips)
7.Dry-cleaning solvent (sold in Supermarkets)         
8. Household Ammonia (sold in Chemist)
9. Nail vanish remover

Always pre-test for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area

DO NOT USE THIS GUIDE ON Upholstery or Rugs which contain Silk always call a Professional

ACNE MEDICATION: If bleaching has not occurred blot with dry-cleaning solvent and white towel. If bleaching has already occurred contact SCS for further advice.
ADHESIVES: Check to see if adhesive is a water based product (wallpaper paste) or a solvent based product. If water based apply a liquid detergent solution (see back of chart) agitate, blot with towels, rinse with vinegar solution (see back of chart) blot with towels, leaving towels applied to area with heavy weight (see above no.4)
ANIMAL STAINS: If the spill is solid material, immediately scoop up the excess into a paper towel using blunt instrument (see no.5 above). If the spill involves a significant amount of liquid use a towel or wet vac to soak up the excess moisture. Apply a vinegar solution (see back of chart).This will help to neutralise the stain. Blot with towels and apply heavy weight (see no.4 above).
ASPHALT/TAR: Apply dry-cleaning solvent, scrape excess, blot with towel, apply or spray vinegar solution (see back of chart) and blot.
ALCOHOL BEVERAGES: Apply liquid detergent mix (see back of chart) blot with towels followed by vinegar solution (see back of chart) blot with more towels.
BLEACH: Irreversible yellowing and bleaching out of dyes may occur. Blot with towel if wet and absorb. Permanent damage will occur except on solution-dyed polypropylene. Bleach dissolves wool.
BLOOD: Mix two 2 tablespoons of Household ammonia per cup of detergent/water solution apply and agitate with blunt object, blot with towels, rinse with white vinegar solution (see back of chart), apply new towels and heavy weight.
BROWNING: Browning stains will normally occur after a water spill or flooding. Apply Vinegar Solution (see back of chart) and blot with towels. Seek professional help from SCS if the problem continues.
BUTTER: Apply dry-cleaning solvent, blot with towels, rinse or spray with vinegar solution and continue to blot.
CANDLE: Apply blotting paper and apply a hot iron over blotting paper and wax. Apply a dry-cleaning solvent. Rinse with vinegar solution (see back of chart) blot with towels.
CHEWING GUM: Apply ice cubes to freeze gum, chip off, apply dry- cleaning solvent, blot with towels, rinse with vinegar solution. (See back of chart)
CHOCOLATE: Apply dry-cleaning solvent and agitate, apply detergent solution (see back of chart), agitate, blot with towels, spray/rinse with vinegar solution.
COFFEE/TEA: Apply detergent solution and agitate. Blot with towels, repeat process, rinse or spray with vinegar solution (see back of chart) and carry on blotting with towels, may require professional treatments from SCS.
CRAYON: Apply dry cleaning solvent and blot, rinse or spray with vinegar solution (see back of chart) blot with towel.
GRASS: Apply a nail varnish remover containing amyl acetate, agitate and blot with towels, apply dry-cleaning solvent and blot with towels, apply detergent solution (see below)and blot with towels. Rinse /spray vinegar solution (see below) and blot with towels.
GREASE/OIL/SHOE POLISH: Follow instructions given for ASPHALT/TAR.
INK: Ball point: ink follow instructions as for grass. Fountain pen ink: Apply dry cleaning solvent and blot with towel. Apply detergent solution (see below)and blot with towels. Apply more towels and heavy weight. Ink will sometimes spread when cleaned. Blot well.
IRON RUST: Try lemon juice or seek advice from SCS.
LIPSTICK: Follow instructions for grass.
MILK: Blot excess. For creamy milk apply dry-cleaning solvent and blot. Apply detergent solution (see below) a tablespoon of household ammonia may be added to the detergent solution. Blot with towels. Rinse/spray with vinegar solution. Continue blotting with towels. Milk may require professional treatment from SCS
PAINT OIL BASED: Scrape excess paint, apply dry-cleaning solvent and agitate. Blot and repeat process until happy. Apply detergent solution (see below) and blot with towels. Rinse/spray with vinegar solution (see below) May require professional help from SCS.
PAINT WATER BASED: Apply detergent solution (see below), agitate, blot with towels. Rinse with vinegar solution (see below)
SOOT: Always vacuum and remove as much as possible. (never rub to much) Consult for SCS further advice.
SOUP: Scrape up excess spill, apply dry cleaning solvent and blot. Apply detergent solution (see below) with 1 tablespoon of Household Ammonia and blot. Rinse/spray with vinegar solution and blot with towels.


DRY CLEANING SOLUTIONS: a non-flammable spot removal solution is preferred. Exercise caution when using this fluid. Never pour a cleaning fluid directly onto a carpet or allow it to reach the backing. Dry-cleaning fluids may destroy the latex that holds the primary and secondary backings. Always use in a well ventilated room. Wear household rubber gloves. Surgical Spirit may also be used.
DETERGENT SOLUTION: Mix one fourth (1/4) teaspoon of a liquid detergent (Fairy) per one (1) cup of warm water (not hot). NEVER USE A STRONGER CONCENTRATION! Rinsing is necessary to remove detergent residues that may cause rapid re-soiling. NEVER USE A LAUNDRY DETERGENT OF ANY TYPE because they may contain optical brighteners. DO NOT USE AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER POWDER because many contain bleaching agents.
VINEGAR SOLUTION: Mix one (1) cup of white vinegar per two (2) cups of warm water (not hot).
Vinegar is a 5% acetic acid solution. It is used most often to lower the alkalinity caused by detergent solutions and alkaline spills.
DIY SPOTTING KITS: These kits are manufactured for the DIY market, and not sold via supermarkets and can be purchased from any professional carpet cleaner or from SCS.

Care should always be taken when purchasing Stains Removers from supermarkets, always read the label, to ensure that what you are buying does the job! (Misuse or inappropriate chemical can set the stain)
Only use a white towel when blotting.
Always work from the outer edge inwards (never from the centre outwards and never rub)
Never use a domestic vacuum cleaner to take out excess water/chemical.
Care should always when using any type of chemical, always read the label and ensure children and pet’s are at a safe distance way.

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