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Precautions after Cleaning

The following guidelines are to ensure that you receive the full benefits of having your carpets and soft furnishings professionally cleaned, with minimal disruption. Additionally the advice is to guard against some common unnecessary problems.

Should you have any comments or questions regarding cleaning, please contact us either by phone or by email.


Care should be taken when walking from a damp carpet to hard surfaces, as this can be a slipping hazard. It is recommended that you place a mat to dry feet in any potential hazard areas, and that persons entering these areas be advised to take extra care.

Avoid wearing outdoor footwear on freshly cleaned carpeting, until areas are fully dry.

Assist drying by keeping rooms as warm as possible and providing adequate ventilation. In the warmer months open doors and windows fully to create air movement over the cleaned items, as this will greatly improve drying times.

Items of furnishings must not be replaced back on to freshly cleaned carpet without protector pads unless the carpet is absolutely dry. Protector pads prevent loose wood dye or rust from furnishings staining the carpeting (Protector pads are supplied as part of the service for this purpose). Wall units, wardrobes and cabinets etc., which are flat based, must not be replaced until the carpets are absolutely dry as these could seal in moisture possibly causing mould mildew and associated problems.


Do not place freshly cleaned cushions directly against radiators or other heat sources as this can permanently heat set marks into certain susceptible fabrics.

Upholstery loose cushions must be allowed to dry fully before being replaced back on to the frame of the suite. We recommend that the zip ends of the cushions are placed to the floor, and that the cushions are rested against one another to allow air circulation on both sides. Cushions to be moved at intervals to allow air circulation to ALL parts.

Some upholstery linings and information tags can contain extremely loose dyes, which is another good reason to keep the cushions off the frame until they are fully dry.

We clean Carpets, Upholstery and Leather in and around the following areas-

Lower Earley - Woodley - Twyford - Bracknell - Warfield - Maidenhead - Virginia Waters - Finchampstead

Ascot - Windlesham - Bagshot - Camberley - Sandhurst - Frimley - Crowthorne - Windsor