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Leather Cleaning

We offer a full Leather cleaning service for your furniture in the home.

The cleaning of leather is essential for keeping it looking good for longer. Many people forget leather is a hide, and just like our own skin it needs to be cleaned and receive moisture to stop it drying out and cracking. Once we have finished cleaning your leather we apply a protector which puts the moisture back in and helps stops stains becoming permanent.

The most important message to remember is not which cleaner to use, but which products quite clearly should NOT be employed. It is absolutely vital that any cleaning fluid that does not specifically state that it can be used on leather should not be used. Many of these cleaners have a high alkaline content and can be particularly harmful. It is also important to note that the methods for cleaning shoe leather do not apply to upholstery leathers and therefore wax polishes should be avoided. Saddle soaps and spray polishes should also be avoided at all costs as these contain silicone and after a period of time will produce an unpleasant sticky residue on the surface.

Some marks cannot easily be removed from leather - ink, biro, felt pen, crayon, lipstick, chewing gum, nail varnish/remover can all mark the surface, but can be removed without trace. The problem is that to remove these usually means removing a small amount of colour which will have to be replaced. Not really a job to do yourself


We clean Carpets, Upholstery and Leather in and around the following areas-

Lower Earley - Woodley - Twyford - Bracknell - Warfield - Maidenhead - Virginia Waters - Finchampstead

Ascot - Windlesham - Bagshot - Camberley - Sandhurst - Frimley - Crowthorne - Windsor